Who We Are?

(VAAL) is a Saudi company specialized in logistics services in a number of areas, including the delivery, shipping and storage of products and goods through easy and streamlined means, innovative logistics services and integrated solutions to ensure the speed of performance and efficiency to achieve the acceleration of the business of its customers. Goods and parcels and promotion and provide services to companies and individuals through the best use of modern technologies and the recruitment and training of human cadres at a high level of performance and professionalism and adherence to quality standards.

The company covers 33 destinations in Saudi Arabia in the current period and is expanding to cover all cities and regions of the Kingdom and the Arabian Gulf

Our Core Values

We Listen

We listen to our clients, they are our core

We Respect

We act with full responsibility and provide outstanding service worthy of our customers

We Value

We value and reward our employees and partners and go together for success

We Care

Simplicity, ease of use, punctuality, quick response, access to sales process and quality. Our goals are in every request.

We Move Fast

The Vaal structure provides quick decision-making and immediate implementation

We innovate

We Make our best to be No. 1 in Saudi Arabia

Our Services

VAAL provides storage for customers who want to store their products as a solution to the problem of having no warehouses or rush to access products in other cities away from their company headquarters. We handle stored goods very carefully and keep them in proper conditions.


Our company provides fast and easy shipment of goods and products from door to door in VAAL to all regions of Saudi Arabia and from door to door


Our company is specialized in the delivery of products and goods efficiently and quickly within the cities of Saudi Arabia door to door